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Knight Pointing Left

Welcome to the dark portal!

Quit your bitching kids!

Warning there are some words on this site and pictures that are not for little kids who might try to get me shut down, there is no child porn however there are some jokes about it. I clasify my site as pg 15. If you thought this was a pokemon site, you were right, partly, it is an anti pokemon site. So stay if you hate pokemon or if you like them and want to write me a hateful comment in my guest book, I find them funny.

I'll mainly use this site for my upcoming followup to the Dragon Ball GT Series, Dragon Ball AR

I'm also going to post my essays

I'll update this site when ideas come to me, so make sure to check back if you want.

Not much to look at, but I call it a site.

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

The cool forum for talking to me and other like me.

The Sea changes every second but must everything? CHC used to have a senior skit, the only christmas tradition that didn't suck, but thanks to a certain guy named Chuck, thats all just a plesant memory.


What's New?

9/11/01 - Fuck the Middle East Jackals who dared to attack the US

8/28/01 - I'm back fuckers.

The second coming is upon us!

6/4/01 - I'm back yet again and drunk as a mother fucker. Think I might right you all an essay, thats what I think I might do. Here goes...

3/10/01 - I'm back kiddies, thanks to an accident involving some weird liquior with lemons and a few new stories I have come up with, things I added and did not put in the updates section, guard dogs gif, several pictures, a psycadelic pink panther theme wave and possibly some stories. I am now listed ot hot bot. I was listed on hot lava, but that search engine has since been removed do to the fact that no one viewed it. I have began work on Dragon Ball AR but would appreciate the help of artists as my drawings look like shit, I can write the stories but I could use someone to draw Preteen Goku Jr., Metal Vegitta, Super Metal Vegitta, Angel Goku, SS3, 4, 5 and 6 Gohan, Neo Cell, perfect Neo Cell, Lilly (Trunks Grand daughter), Krey (Kurillins Great Grand son), and Omega X (Very strong imortal demon out to destroy earth).

1/10/01 - Go to Related Links Ben Rause and sign my God-Damn Guest Book, that goes for you too Tokey

Here I'll add an entry whenever I get drunk and make an update to my web site.

1/1/01 - Added a picture courtosey of Big Duke, also put up a poll. Happy friggin New Millenium.

12/31/00 - Added help guide fo teenie boppers. Reed it to see if you need help so you can help me keep my New Years Resolution to reform Teenie Boppers and make them funcuioning members of society again. Also added a real guest book so now you can share your thoughts and hot chicks can share pictures with everyone. Also added poll at the bottom. Take it.

12/30/00 - Added some more acts from "The Lost Senior Skit of the Class of 2001". Made my update label more "accurate" so you'll be more aware of when I will update. Might add a link (if I can find it) Also added cool picture. Might add a review or 2. Recipe of the Moment. Easy at home Irish Coffee. Ingredients: 3 tablespoon Irish Whiskey (any whiskey will do), 1 tablespoon instant coffee (decaf won't do and don't even ask me about sanka), 2 teaspoons of sugar, and dallop of whip cream. Directions: Poor whiskey, coffee, and sugar into an 8 ounce microproof mug, then add water until the cup is 3/4 full, microwave it foor 2 minutes on high, and then top with whip cream. Serves one or 1/2 of a Mr. S serving. YES TREY, I KNOW YOU THINK ANY ONE WHO USES SUGAR IN COFFEE IS A PUSSY, OR COFFEE IN WHISKEY IS A WUSS BUT I DON'T CARE! IF YOU LIKE THE RECIPE, SHUT UP AND DRINK.

12/29/00 - While under the influence of habout a third of a bottle of 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon and two glasses of some really hard Egg Nog, I added some of the Lost Senior Skit Script of 2001 and a link to some guest book at the bottom of my page.

12/28/00 - As the new millenium draws ever closer, my site grows ever larger. I have added a few very wrong pictures. I may also post "The Lost Senior Skit Script of the Class of 2001". The names will be changed however to protect the arrogant.

12/23/00 - Added a cool animation done by Mr X to my cool pictures section. Also added a link to his page. Found out about Dragon Ball AF, and added a link to a big Dragon Ball site. Looks like they made a followup to GT in magna form after all. Perhaps my stories will feature some encounters with characters from AF, seeing as how my plans are to make a series about alternate realities in the dragon ball universe.

12/22/00 - After suffering a horifyingly distubing nightmare of waking up to find that our pipes had burst, I went to the hellish nightmare I call a day at CHC. My attempt to clap in rhythm should of caused a riot to insue but instead, I found out the dumb fucks were just to damn lazy. Well now back to building my site, hopefully I can get web gems to work soon.


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